Industry+ Solutions

for a greener oil industry

Your current plant is great! With a little PLUS, an industrial software solution, we can support you on the road to decarbonisation, and to achieve even better RESULTS+

Industry+ Solutions

for a greener oil industry

Your current plant is great! With a little PLUS, an industrial software solution, we can support you on the road to decarbonisation, and to achieve even better RESULTS+

Mission & Vision

Industry+ Solutions
for the oil industry

The goal of every unit is to be as efficient as possible, to use less raw materials, as well as create standardised product quality. While your unit was designed to reach great results, our industrial informatics solution can provide the oil industry an additional PLUS. A PLUS in operations, a PLUS in control, a PLUS in quality. All resulting in a big MINUS for your environmental footprint. With our experienced team of engineers, with industry references, we are here to support you on the road to decarbonisation.

Greenfield Investments

With our Operator Training Simulator solution we provide an opportunity for your team, your Unit Operators and Unit Managers, to be confident in their daily jobs, as well as in risky conditions. They can be trained prior to your unit start-up, so your unit makes a profit from day 1.

Goals for Decarbonisation

With Advanced Process Conrol we offer the oil industry a software solution that helps with process optimisation. By achieving quality standards and reducing waste, your unit becomes more efficient. A small change in your numbers is a big change for the environment.

Ports and Tankfarms

Our Blending and Movement Automation solution offers a tailored software solution, that gives youa visual aid for your complex pipe and tank systems. By knowing what is where, you’ll reduce waste, unintentional mixing and support your decision making for your workforce.

Operator Training Simulator Solution

For Greenfield Investments

Operator Training


Early Training

The simulator will be the exact copy of your real life unit, therefore operators and unit managers can be trained prior to unit start-up. It’s a great solution for greenfield refineries.

Safer Conditions

As your workforced will be trained even for risky situations, emergency shutdowns and unit start-ups, your unit safety will increase.

Decision Support

Thanks to their knowledge your workforce can make decisions safer, reach optimal operations sooner.

Advanced Process Control Solution

Goals for Decarbonisation

Advanced Process


Optimal Operations

Using a tailored software solution and sensors, your unit can run closer to its limits without compromising on safety.

Improved efficiency

Thanks to the sensors and optimised processes your energy consumption gets better, also optimising your resource usage.

Quality Standards

As your operations are being stabilisied, your production reaches a standard quality, resulting in less waste and side products.

Advanced Process Control Solution
Blending and Movement Automation Solution

For Ports and Tankfarms

Blending & Movement


Real-time Monitoring

Instead of manual tracking your pipe and tank systems will be visualised by a software, also showing what’s in them, supporting decision management.

No Unintentional Mixing

During your blending process or moving materials nothing gets mixed. Unless you want it.

Increased Safety

As you will be in control of your system, risky situations can be avoided.


What Can We Do For You?



From ideation through an initial study our team can support your decision making process with.a Proof of Concept or a Benefit evaluation about your investment.



We will work on-site and off-site on your tailored industrial software solution as needed to design, implement and test until everything works perfectly.



Our engineers who have built your solution will train your workforce on-site, so they can use it confidently. It’s not a boxed solution, it’s your real-life environment.



We believe that an end-to-end solution is what creates the difference. As your unit or technology changes we will change your APC, BMA or OTS solution accordingly.

About us

D.E.S. Engineers

Our team of experienced engineers have a vast amount of experience in the oil industry and work together like a well oiled engine, that’s ready to kick-off decarbonisation!

European Experts

Our team of European Experts will work as part of your team. We will work on-site during field work, kick-off, data gathering and testing, and continue working off-site from our European office.

Office in Abu Dhabi

Our management team is located in Abu Dhabi and available locally for introductiory conversations, initial consulting and any questions you might want to discuss face-to-face.

Industry References

Our engineers have experience and references from the oil industry achieving significant efficiencies and savings for other players. Contact us for more details.


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